Mabel’s Labels 4 Everything!!!!

mabels-logoMommies, I have received the best personalized labels from Chatterbox/ House Party ever!!!!!  At 1st, I didn’t see the point in labels, until I got them. OMG, we have been nonstop labeling all my son shoes, clothes, backpacks, color pencils and toys(trains).  They are perfect for anything & everything, and best of all they are so adorable for any age or gender.  I love that they are dishwasher, microwave safe and waterproof.  My son, who is 3 years old, has had the shoe labels in for about a month and they are still going strong. I will be ordering more for my older kids and myself!


Mabel’s Label Packs contain all the labels a parent needs to label all of the items kids are taking to school – from lunch containers and school supplies to clothes, shoes and jackets.  They will not crack, peel or fade. They ae great for anything like getting your baby goodies ready for daycare, camp, school and off to college. Love all the fun and cute designs they have to offer.


Another great thing about this company is they have a fun fundraiser program. Mabel’s Labels is the easiest fundraiser around.

Perfect for schools, daycares, camps, sports or dance organizations and more!

  • Make money while shrinking your lost & found
  • Easy program – no sorting, distribution or money collecting (They do it all for you)
  • Get personalized, stylish & useful products
  • Loved by parents and kids alike!



I received free from Chatterbox/HouseParty and Mabel’s Label for review.


Mabel’s Labels

Shop Mabels Labels Online

24 thoughts on “Mabel’s Labels 4 Everything!!!!

  1. I am a labels addict myself. I enjoyed putting labels on my stuff when I was a kid and I still find it useful even now that I am working. The pair of labels on the shoes are cool – it actually is a brilliant thing to do. What kind of sticker paper do they use for it?

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  2. I have twins so labels are essential. These are really adorable and they have lots of designs to choose from which is awesome!


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