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Tenantify helps empower landlords to make informed decisions by verifying tenant’s employment and income.  They help landlord verify tenant’s income via electronic bank statement and verify tenant employment directly with employer.  It is a free service for the landlord, the tenant has to pay for the service(a small fee).  Tenantify save landlords the hassle, prevent fraud risk, and make renting worry-free. For tenant, they enhance your chance of application success. The goal is to reduce friction in the housing market and build trust between landlord and tenant.
My thought on this site is great.  It’s not much to enter, but will save the landlord a lot of headache, time & money.  I use to be a Deputy Clerk for my local Magistrate Court and every day we would do dispossessory.  I feel this site would have saved the landlord from having to deal with this problem, because most of the time the tenant didn’t work or didn’t have the funds to pay rent.  The only thing I feel is missing is if they could found out about past evictions.  That would be the perfect site!

The verification is very easy and quick

for both parties.

How We Verify Income

Simply put, we want to deliver an authenticated bank statement from tenant to landlord conveniently, securely and without fraud risk. At the same time, we have also decided not to touch anyone’s sensitive personal information (especially tenant’s bank account login credentials). After some carful explorations, we have decided to use a secured bank account API by partnering with DecisionLogic. DecisionLogic has all the convenience and security that we look for. Mostly importantly, its service module passes along bank account login credentials with a secure encryption technology and only returns us with the bank statement result. This way, Tenantify never needs to save bank account login credentials.

How We Verify Employment

We will first ask tenant for employment details (title, employer name, address, phone number). Rather than taking the info at face value, we verify the info with trusted third-party sources (Yellow Page, Yelp, BBB, etc). We will then directly talk to employer via a verified phone number to get positive or negative confirmation. We then deliver the verification outcome and call note back to landlord.
As our product keeps evolving, we are sure to add more features. But at the end of the day, our goals remain the same: Empower landlord to make informed decisions! Please contact us at with any questions/comments.

So, why not use something to help save time & money. If I was a landlord, this would be apart of my application process.


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